Met Silly

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After a few days not blogging,now i want to share about one of my closest friend Sessy.. I've already mentioned her before. Last Sunday i came to her house to gave her "seragam" for my wedding bcoz she'll be one of my Bride's Maid,,yeaaaay..
Actually i really miss spend time with her,miss the time we laugh,we sleep together,we eat,watching dvds,hanging out together to MKG,trying some make up in make up store,hihi,but finally we can make it all of those things. When i came to her house,we watched dvds together like we used to,and yesterday we went to La Piazza to watched MI4,and then we played uno card,,i really had a great time..

Oh yaa,, actually Silly is her nickname from me,and i also have a nickname from her,Snowy that's my nickname..
Why Silly and Snowy ? hehhe,that's because Sessy like to act silly,,hahhaa as simple as that,so that i called her Silly Sessy.. and why Snowy,it's actually like "Snow" ( salju ) she told me that my skin is just like Snow,,hahaha ( agak lebai nih Silly ) and to make it more "cute" so it's became Snowy -____-

and here Silly and Snowy ;p

taken from Ka Felia's FB :D

i only have this one in my camera,too bad :(
but Silly have a few photos in her camera,,yeaaay..

see u when i see u again Silly :*